Sandhed eller konsekvens - Truth or Dare

 Jeg glæder mig til oktober hvor  Tim Jago kommer igen. Jeg glæder mig især over at Tim denne gang vil lede Inannas rejse i svedehytten.
Siden jeg selv er begyndt her i sommer at lede Inannas rejse, er en større bevidsthed vågnet i mig. Jeg kan mærke at jeg lever mere ud fra min sande  autensitet og mærker tydeligere når jeg går ud af mig selv og over i andre.
Mine grænser er blevet tydeligere, jeg tør mere og mere at stå ved den jeg er og tage min power hjem
For mig har det været en lang rejse og er det fortsat at tage ansvar for den jeg er og holde mine projektioner hjemme på egen banehalvdel. 

Først når vi kan se hvem og hvad vi er kan forandringen ske. 
Når vi tør stille os åbne og sårbare, fri af alle de lag som ligger som tåge ind over vores sande natur kan vi opleve sand frihed.

Truth or dare - bogen som Starhawk skrev tilbage i 1988 er om noget vedkommende i denne tid. 

Kom med på vores retreat og lær mere om dig selv og om de forskellige former for POWER og  
tag din power hjem.
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Truth or Dare

Truth or DareTruth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery. (San Francisco, HarperSanFrancisco, 1988). A rich, complex, and radiant examination of the nature of power. Spinning together myth, history, ritual, poetry, spells, psychology, and activism, Starhawk offers new and creative alternatives for positive change in our personal lives, our communities, and our world.

This much-needed examination of the nature of power will enable women and men first to understand the different facets of power, then to act upon that knowledge to create positive change. Starhawk distinguishes three types of power: “power-over,” referring to domination and control; “power-from-within,” meaning personal ability and spiritual integrity; and “power-with,” pertaining to social power or influence among equals.

Drawing on one of the most ancient myths extant, the Descent of Innana, Starhawk develops a psychology of liberation, analyzing our internalized oppressor, the Self-hater; its faces are the Judge, the Conqueror, the Censor, the Master of Servants, and the Orderer.

Interwoven is Starhawk’s reconstruction of a pivotal time in history: how it was that the early peaceful society of ancient Sumer became strangled by warfare and how the rise of kingship led to the institution of patriarchy. And Starhawk tells of her first-hand experience as an activist and organizer in the anti-nukes campaigns. Truth or Dare is rich with insights on personal healing, group process, and accessing the genuine sources of power.

“A magical storehouse of spells, rituals, myths, aphorisms, and games designed to awaken us from an enchanted sleep of compliance to patriarchal forms of authority.” — The New York Times

“Starhawk gives readers an excellent base from which to evaluate their own cultural context…Encourages personal healing as a microcosmic process toward healing our society and planet as a whole…” — Creation

“Starhawk’s brilliance shines brighter than ever. Her astoundingly clear insight into life’s patterns and processes is dazzling. She glides around the earth, observing, then dives into the heart of how destructive modes continue, and soars, finally, to the heights of a better world, taking us with her. She is one of the most brilliant minds of our time.”— Merlin Stone, author of When God Was a Woman

“The spirituality of Truth or Dare is rooted in the wisdom of common people, sustained by the courage of the oppressed, and applied with a concern for all of creation. Starhawk not only confronts patriarchal domination, but provides us with rituals and exercises that will help us reclaim our power and suggests balanced ways to apply that power in our defense. Starhawk has dared to speak truth to power. She has spoken in a woman’s voice — poetic and clear.” –Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya