Efterår/ vinter 2020/21

The power of ceremony med Tim jago

Ceremony is the core of shamanic work, whether it is a drum journey, a healing ritual or a lodge.

This year we have decided to share practices and tools that we normally only share within the training for lodge leaders.
This is a unique opportunity and we are limiting the number of places so that we can teach on a deep individual level, meeting each participant at the place where they need support on their path
We are holding four weekends where we explore tools and practices that make ceremonies powerful and effective.
It’s possible to sign up for separate weekends, or for the whole training.
This training is designed for anyone who is working with shamanic practices and wants to take their practice to a deeper level. It’s also a good foundation for those who want to start working in the area of shamanism.

Weekend one – Fire. 18- 20 september 2020

Power is the driving force behind any ceremony. And to gather power a whole, healthy container is needed.  

How do we create good containers for ceremonies?

How do we gather and use power? Our personal containers can be damaged through stress, trauma or illness, affecting our ability to hold power, but they can also be repaired.

We will share tools for repairing your container and also examine the process of seduction giving away power to someone or something else.

Weekend two – Air. 13-15 november  2020


is called prana, it is called qi. The life force in our breath. It can be contained and directed to support our ceremonies, and equally importantly, to support our words. Words have power, prayers have power. Choosing your words, choosing how and when to speak empowers a ceremony. Speaking with power, speaking with intention we create a path for the ceremony to move along.

Weekend three – Earth. 5-7 februar 2021

Strong ceremonies require good roots, a firm ground. They need a physical manifestation. We are here, now in a human body. We walk upon the Earth. There is a purpose to being here in this life. How do we connect our work to the Earth? How do our physical bodies become spiritual tools? We will learn how to receive nourishment and support from the forest and practice communicating with the different beings that live there.

 Weekend four –

Water  16-18 april 2021

Presence is an ocean. In our tradition spirit is an ocean. Everything that exists is an expression of the Ocean of Spirit. That ocean cannot be divided into small bubbles of “you” and “me”. When we work with ceremonies, we recognise that. We are one consciousness and through that oneness, we can support and heal each other. We can support the Earth and all of her children. We are not separate. How do we access that state of presence? How do we invite ceremony to arise from that state

Tim Jago:

Tim Jago er oprindeligt fra den Walisiske grænse til England, men har været bosat i Sverige de sidste mange år.

Tim har ledet keltiske svedehytter i mere end 20 år i hele Skandinavien . Han har været co-creator på et utal af festivaller og retreats de sidste mange år.

Tim er uddannet inden for den keltisk spirituelle tradition. Han har træning inden for Sufi traditionen og afholder workshops i hele Skandinavien.

Han er guide, far, poet og langdistance løber.  

Cyber Lodge i påsken med Tim Jago:

Da vi ikke kan afholde svedehytter i disse tider og da vi mere end nogensinde har brug for at forbinde os til vores indre fred  og hinanden afholder Tim cyber lodge fredag og lørdag i påsken på Zoom.

Tim er uddannet inden for den keltisk spirituelle tradition. Han har træning inden for Sufi traditionen og afholder workshops i hele Skandinavien.

Alle sessionerne er på donation, ingen minimum loft, betales til Tues mobilpay 28 70 37 67, vi sender alle donationerne videre til Tim

Fredag kl. 10:00 slutter ca. kl 12:00
Guidning af sanctuary. Vi lære at bruge sanctuary (kraftfuldt redskab vi kan bruge i vores liv)
Fredag kl. 14:00 slutter ca. kl. 16:00
Taliesins rejse (kraftfuld/magisk historie som har været fortalt i tusindvis af år)

Lørdag kl. 10:00 slutter ca. kl 12:00
Arbejder vi med vores højere magt og afhængighed
Lørdag kl. 14.00 slutter ca. kl 16:00
Praksis til at møde med vores højere magt

 Meld dig til  på vores mail :
 Skriv til os hvilke sessioner du ønsker at deltage i så sender vi dig link til zoom.
Du skal downloade zoom på din device ( pc, tlf, tablet) for at kunne deltage

Tim´s beskrivelse af weekenden som vil blive afholdt på engelsk :

Zoom Sessions

Friday d. 10 april
Sanctuary is a method for creating a very special kind of trance state. It s a highly developed technology that allows us to access the hidden resources within us, opening up knowledge and understanding from an awareness that is out of reach in our normal every day state.
Sanctuary can be used for physical or emotional healing, problem solving, pain relief or for deep relaxation. The state allows our creativity to work freely guiding us to insight and understanding.

In the beginning of the session we will move slowly deeper into a state of lucid trance, deep relaxation with expanded awareness.
As the session progresses you will find your way back into this state with ease, making it a practical tool for working with different situations in daily life.

Together we will explore ways to use Sanctuary for personal development, for healing and releasing trauma and for finding creative solutions to tricky situations.

By the end of the sessions you will be able to enter the Sanctuary state at will, and not only will you be able to use the methods you have learned, but you will begin to invent your own tools.

In the Celtic tradition story telling is a sacred art and a powerful shamanic tool.

The story becomes a journey and you follow the path, becoming a part of the story as it unfolds.

Taliesins journey is the journey we use in the first part of the Celtic sweat lodge.

In Sanctuary. It is an ancient story, a ritual that has been practiced for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The story of Taliesins meeting with his own mortality guides us into a process of healing, letting go of old pain and unnecessary baggage.

As we travel into the dark we can experience a deep surrender to a wisdom and presence that is greater than any of us.
Each of us will have our own experience on this journey. We will all find what we need to take the next step on our path.
Since we are not able to hold a lodge ceremony at this time, we can choose to meet in Sanctuary, adding the extra dimensions of expanded awareness to make a healing journey for ourselves and our circle, and also for all those who need support in the situation today.

This session releases trauma and fear.
It brings us back to balance and peace.
The journey brings us to insight about our own nature and clarity about our path.

Saturday d. 11. april

In working with our addiction, one of the most challenging situations we face is the struggle between our own will and surrendering to the will of a higher power.

There is the issue of trust – how do we know that there is a higher power?

Or that it is somehow wiser than we are?

There is the issue of freedom – why should I give up my own will?

And there is the problem of practice. How do I find my higher power and how do I learn to listen to it?

My own experience was that I ended up pushing myself into a corner where there was no other way out. But still I tried to find some other way and ended up hurting my family and friends, as well as myself.

In the morning session we will talk about the process of reaching the point of surrender and what happens after.
We’ll also talk about the ways that the ego will tries to take control and how we can recognise it, and finding tools to return to an inner listening.

In the afternoon session we will focus on different tools and practices to step into the presence of a higher power. I’ll be sharing tools from Sufism, from the Celtic tradition and from breathwork.

My goal is to leave you with a choice of alternatives. Techniques that you know can bring you into your centre and into the presence of something wiser than ourselves.

You are welcome to join any or all of these sessions.

Perhaps there is one that speaks to you and your situation.
Perhaps you want the whole package.
It’s your choice.

All of the sessions are donation based and there is no minimum fee.

Please contact Heidi or Tue to book your place.

Thank you

Påsken 2020:  ALLE  SVEDEHYTTER  Aflyst grundet covid19 

Skær torsdag 09.04-2020: keltisk kvinde svedehytte med Rebecka Rebecka  Römsing :

Keltisk kvinnosvett I den keltiska traditionen skiljer vi inte kvinnor från män. Vi har olika kroppar, men vi är inte våra kroppar. Det är verktyget vi har för att uppleva detta liv den här gången. Men något händer när vi möts i en cirkel med bara kvinnor. Vi öppnar ett utrymme för oss att titta på våra liv och våra sår i en mycket säker och hållen plats. Kanske kan vi ta ytterligare ett steg för att det är bara vi kvinnor där. En svetthydde-ceremoni är en plats där vi kan läka våra kroppar, våra sinnen och känslor. Vi kan få de insikter vi behöver för att släppa gamla mönster och vanor som inte gynnar våra liv längre. För att värma upp hyddan använder vi glödheta stenar som vi har värmt upp i en stor eld framför hyddan. Vi sitter eller ligger i en cirkel inne i hyddan, vi lyssnar på en berättelse, vi följer berättelsen som om det är vi som gör resan. Detta är en keltisk svetthydda. Den keltiska svetthyddan är en ceremoni i död och återfödelse. Vi möter oss själva för att sedan släppa taget om det för att gå in i det nya livet i medvetenhet. Jag som håller i ceremonin heter Rebecka och jag har studerat den keltiska sweatlodge-traditionen och keltisk shamanism i 6 år. Jag har jobbat i lodgen i 2 år och hållit lodger i 1,5 år. Det här är den väg jag har valt att gå, och Svetthydda har gett mig så mycket frihet i livet. Evigt tacksam för vad ceremonin gett mej.

Lang fredag 10.04-2020: open lodge med Tim Jago

Keltisk svedehytte weekend med Tim Jago lørdag 11.04 - søndag d. 12.04.2020 - fuldt booket

2 påskedag 13.04-2020:  open lodge med Tim Jago
De koster 400 kr pr svedehytte at deltage
Plus 50 kr for brænde. 

Keltisk svedehytte weekend med Tim Jago:
31.01.2020 - 02.02- 2020
Healing relations: 
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, friends and lovers. Our relationships can be a source of deep love and intimacy. They can inspire us to reach beyond ourselves towards something greater. Through relationship we find the possibility to move from an ego centred life to a life growing through each soul we meet.

As children we rely on our relations to teach us about the world and about ourselves. Most of everything we know we learned from someone else. Including what we know or believe about ourselves. This is where problems arise. We trusted the older, more experienced people around us to tell us the truth. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they told us what was most useful for them.

Dysfunctional relationships become addictive, dependent a war between love and fear. Sometimes we lose a lover or a family member unexpectedly, they are gone, but the love and the pain remains. How can we heal those wounds? When we have been hurt by those we trusted most, how can we dare to be vulnerable? When we have been manipulated and scared, how can we find the strength to keep our integrity?

This weekend is about healing relationships. We will use techniques from the Celtic tradition to release dysfunctional family structures, to examine partnership and to find our own inner truth. The voice inside that tells us what is good, and what doesn’t support us.

En svedehytte weekend koster 1500 kr.
Det er med mad, logi, undervisning og 2 svedehytter.

Tim Jago: 

Tim Jago er oprindeligt fra den Walisiske grænse til England, men har været bosat i Sverige de sidste mange år. 

Tim har ledet keltiske svedehytter i mere end 20 år i hele Skandinavien . Han har været co-creator på et utal af festivaller og retreats de sidste mange år.

Tim er uddannet inden for den keltisk spirituelle tradition. Han har træning inden for Sufi traditionen og afholder workshops i hele Skandinavien.

Han er guide, far, poet og langdistance løber.